Saturday, 6 December 2008

Ye Olde English Posy

This blog contains postings from Sylvia's blog "Ye Olde English Posy", which she kept on AOL until her death in May 2008. As it was not transferred to Blogger before AOL Journals shut down in October 2008, only a few entries are left on-line, and none of her images.

A tribute to Sylvia is available on Silent Keyboards.

Monday, 31 March 2008

"T" - Photo Hunt #125

Hello - it's Photo Hunt time again folks, courtesy of our dear friend Krissy. This weeks' theme is the letter "T"; either an object in the form of a T, or something beginning with the letter T. My entry isn't the most innovative, because I'm stuck indoors at the moment, with a streaming cold and conjunctivitus.

It's not all bad news though, wait for it...................I've ordered broadband! Only drawback is, until I receive the equipment and set it up, I have to pay local phone charges for every minute I'm online. When I finally join the "jet set", there'll be no stopping me. I intend to make more regular entries, along with lots of pics. The past year has been very difficult, one way or another, and time in very short supply. 2008 may not have got off to the best start, but I'm going to make sure the rest of it is something to look forward to. Starting with my journal.

I'm very happy in my new home, although hubby is not so sure. But there again, he didn't like Nash until he left there, after 25 years! It's such a nice bungalow, in a lovely setting. My kitchen window looks out onto the green, with ornamental cherry trees and seats for us "oldies". Don't think of myself as old yet, but many of our neighbours are; as this is part of a sheltered housing scheme. It's ideal, as we have a lovely Scheme Manager, Linda, who is a great support for me in my caring role for hubby. I'm so used toshouldering everything though and don't like asking for help, even more accepting it.

All in all, life is so much better - I no longer wake up in the mornings, with feelings of dread. Our old home was becoming too much of a burden and too far from any services; shops, doctors etc. Life is for living, you only have one chance and it's great being able to look forward, once again.

Here's hoping life treats you all fairly this year. Take care. Thanks for dropping by my friends.

Monday, 3 March 2008

Mothers Day, Moans and Markets.

I have a new game ‘ere – “Hare and Tortoise Broadband” – 1mb speed for £19.99 a month. Me dial-up speed wasn’t much worse. When I ordered broadband, I got ‘em to check out what speed I could get on my line. A very helpful gentleman (talking to me all the way from India, I think) asked me to hang on for a minute or two, while he made said check. It was worth the wait, as I was told I could get the highest speed aol offer – 8mb. Wow!
Truth is though, I bought a tortoise and have settled in for a long wait; checking me speed daily, in the forlorn hope a hare has made it past the winning post. Only aol can be bright enough, to get money out of me by telling fibs.

English Spring

Treading along this spring-green path,
Its’ flowery banks restore my laugh;
Vibrant bluebells and primrose coy,
Turn all sadness into joy.

Tiny violets, white and shades of blue,
Form pretty carpets of a subtle hue.
Scents so sweet waft on the air,
As daffodils their trumpets blare.

Cherry wears her wedding gown,
As confetti blossom flutters down.
Young hawthorn, known as “bread & cheese”,
Provide the crown for a May queens’ frieze.

Heavenly choirs fill the sky;
Birds in chorus, sing a lullaby.
A subtle palette of verdant greens;
An English Spring, my soul redeems.

                                                            © Sylvia Boiling

Had one of me rarer moments – a brainwave!
The grandkids get £1 from the tooth fairy, if they place a lost tooth under the pillow at night.
Well, I can put 12 teeth under me pillow – every night! Why 12? That’s how many I have on me upper denture. £12 a night = £84 a week, tax free! When I get an extra tooth added to me denture – the one I lost in the New Year due to a bone marrow infection - me tax free income will rise to a massive £91 a week.  I might be daft, as well as toothless, but there’s more than one way to skin a cat. If the fairy comes visiting ‘ere for a week; I shall buy me a hearing aid with the proceeds!

The neighbours have been telling me about me new home. It’s on the site of an old Victorian workhouse – no changes there then!
Moved ‘ere in the forlorn hope of getting the chance to put me feet up occasionally. Smaller home means less work – wrong!
I now have to bath hubby daily, on top of me other chores. Well, that little job is doing me back in, amongst other things. As it’s a long wait, to get a shower installed by the Housing Association, son is coming to the rescue and installing one for me.
Mother’s Day I had roast lunch, cooked to perfection by son, and entertainment provided by our two grand daughters. Pair of tikes they are, but I love ‘em to bits…………

All-in-all, the recent house move was the best idea I ever had. I love it here. The neighbours are lovely folks. I have the best of both worlds – town centre, surgery, local hospital, dentist etc. on the doorstep; plus a street market on Tuesdays and Saturdays. The farmers market is held on the first Tuesday of the month and every Saturday there’s a bustling little flea market, held in the old cattle pens at the lower end of the High Street, about 3 minutes walk from my place.

The local Carers group (which I’ve been a member of since it was set up, a few years ago now) hold social meetings twice a month in the community centre, as well as outings to the theatre, garden centres, shopping trips and wonderful lunches at Bletchley Catering College (£6.50 for a 5* three course meal and the best service in town!).
I’ve joined the local U3Ascrabble club; often pop down to the sheltered housing bingo session, on a Tuesday evening. One of me neighbours  said she daren’t tell her sister what a whopping amount the jackpot is – her sister recently won £1,000 at a bingo club in Aylesbury – our jackpot is £5.50p!! Our bingo isn’t about the size of prize, but good company and plenty of laughs…..and it’s all on me doorstep.
I’ve lived in the sticks all me life, until I moved here 3 months ago. I’m so lucky, because this little community is akin to village life.  Our bungalow is lovely – set in a close, with a large central green.  Soon it will be warm enough for the locals to have their natters, sat on the green, under the cherry and almond blossom trees. We’ve even got our own post box and litter bin! Who could ask for more? Not me. As the saying goes, “I’m as happy as a pig in muck”, despite hubby’s failing health. At least he’s content and has settled down here. Life’s good, now I’ve finally got used to taking a day at a time.

Take care folks and thanks for dropping by.

Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Breaking News!

I've done it folks - finally got "broadbanded"! 4 years of dial up are now a distant nightmare.
Will be back soon with all me moans, groans and tales of woe. In the meantime keep laughing you lot.

Saturday, 26 January 2008

Black/White - Photo Hunt #126

A flying visit again folks - am waiting to get broadband up and going - in the meantime am having to pay local phone charges, whilst online.
Here's my entry for Krissy's weekly photo hunt. This week's theme is black/white (or greyscale).
Take care.


Saturday, 12 January 2008

A Close-Up / Photohunt #124

Hello and welcome to my entry for this weeks' photo hunt, courtesy of  our dear friend Krissy: Close-ups of my miniature world, which took me over two years to build, decorate and furnish. Enjoy.

It's good to be back and will be even better, when I finally get around to ordering broadband. Was busy after house move and then became very ill, just in time for christmas! A tooth filling caused an infection in the marrow of my upper jaw bone. Long story. Haven't been too well since I had that filling done last August, but thought the cause was stress. Never realised it had anything to do with, what I thought, just a sensitive tooth. Sunday 23rd December intense tooth pain took over. Managed to struggle through Christmas Day at our sons place, then tried chasing an emergency dentist. (Couldn't track one down on Christmas Eve). On 27th, after loads of hassle and enough pain to flatten an elephant, I tracked down dentist in Aylesbury. She took xray and told me to see my own dentist. Well, he finally returned to work on 3rd January and xrayed the tooth again, he gave me the verdict; put me on massive doses of antibiotics and arranged tooth extraction. Roll on Christmas - I seem to have missed the last one!

Here's the next one..............

And another.........

Bet you're already getting bored..................

Not far to go now...........

Only one more,  then I'll sign off, promise (sighs of relief)............

Thanks for dropping by, take care, keep well.

Monday, 24 December 2007

Happy Christmas All!

From my new home............

See you soon....take care....and if you can't be good this Christmas - be careful!.............. Keep smiling.